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  • Can I buy a Brick in the shop / have multiple flavours?
    Bricks are availabile to purchase from our shop all the time throughout our opening hours. These can be filled with up to four flavours from our cabinet and can be purchased in 500g (£10) or 1kg (£18) sizes. Flavours in the shop change constantly.
  • How many portions does a 500g Brick serve?
    A 500g Brick serves 4-6 portions.
  • How do I know if my Order has been confirmed? I haven't received an email.
    When you generated your order, the final page after your payment has been processed will confirm your order has been placed and generate an order number for you. If you haven't had an email, please check your Spam folder as sometimes our confirmations can find their way into spam. If you are unsure whether your order has been placed, email us via
  • I have a specific question about allergens, where can I find this information?"
    Allergen information is available within each product page. If the information there does not answer your question, please email
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